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Application fields of balls

The BALL is predicted to be an elementary basic body, which cannot be displaced from our daily life.

Balls may be manufactured from all kind of material, whatsoever! Even nature displays in a tremendous variation spherical forms. Some outstanding samples will be displayed within the “Ball-Museum”.

In particular within the daily living of a human being, we like to demonstrate the importance of the BALL.

  • Starting in the very morning, going to the bath, he will use a Deodorant roller with a plastic ball, Perfume flacone, a stainless steel ball is used for the valve, to activate the pumping-function. Using the hairspray, it needs balls to mix up the solution.
  • The morning paper is printed by powder, which was previously milled inside a drum by balls.
  • The chocolate-drink being brewed by cacao-powder, which in the beginning was milled with balls.
  • The kitchen-drawers, which are moved a hundred times a day are equipped with ball-slides.
  • Motorcars, bicycles, which are used for pickups to schools and daily work, are equipped with several ball-components, like bearings, seats, safety-belts, lockers, e.t.c.
  • Computer, bureau-equipment, ball pens.

Here are a few examples of every day objects built with balls:

  • Mobiles,
  • CD, DVD-Player,
  • Metal detectors,
  • and ball games (Flipper etc.).