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Tungsten carbide balls

New tungsten carbide penball qualitiy

Nanoball has improved the geometrical properties for all tungsten carbide penball types. A special production step has been included to the penball production. Within this production step every single ball is treated very homogenous. The result is a roundness value and a diameter variation very close to the grade 5 (ISO 3290). The ball pen user will note this by a smooth writing feeling. Usually the writing instrument industry is checking this property with a certain writing test.

The picture below shows the normal G10 quality and the new improved quality as a writing result.


Supplier for eqiupment manufacturer and user of the milling industry

KugelmühleBalls with individual properties can be provided for all kind of milling medias like cacao, aluminum / bronce powder, paints, ore etc.

The milling industry needs mainly the ball materials C18, C85, chrome and ceramic. Chrome steel balls with special characteristics like higher breaking loads and high surface finish are also included in JSK°Nanoball´s product range.
The range of customers includes equipment manufacturer, well esteemed traders and end users. Well known companies of this industrial area are Barry Callebaud, Ludwig Schokolade, Schwartau. A global player for the paint industry is the company BASF.

Hollow balls for high speed valves

VentilThe second use of 2-mm-halfballs is in the range of high-tech application.

High-speed-valves which have to open and relock again ventil vents very quickly are equiped with hollow balls. These very light and quick movable balls manage this challenge in breathtaking speed.

The very compact high-speed-valve was originally manufactured for the aerospace industry and refined in numerous tests. In the process the ball is actuated by a magneticf field. Thereby cycle times of  milliseconds can be reached. The valves work under high pressure but they need extremely few energy.

Possible applications are for example in the field of dosing systems if chemicals, glue and adhesives, oil etc. if minor quantities are to be dosed.

Also in the automotive industry, in the agriculture or the energy management the high-speed-valves are applied.

Magnetic balls for natural gas vehicles

BetankenConventional fuels are getting more and more expensive. Therefore, numerous car drivers change to natural gasoline vehicles. These vehicles are good for the enviroment and car drivers can save a lot of money. The tank has to be closed immediately after the filling with gas to avoid that the gas exhausts again at once.

At first the valves were standardly equipped with a clip for the function of closing which guaranteed a quick closing of the tank. This results in distracting noises during the refuelling.

By using magnetic balls the valve is closed fast and safe without any nasty noises. Also the spring isn’t needed any longer.