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Hollow balls inside wristwatches

uhrHollow balls with a diameter of 2mm has been developed together with the Fraunhofer institute in Dresden. The hollow balls needed to have magnetic properties as they were designed for a wristwatch application. Solid balls are too heavy and the inertia is too high.

The blank body of the hollow balls is being manufactured by a special sintering process of metal powder, which creates a regular roundness. The produced blank sphere is being finished to the required precision thru various careful grinding processes.

The hollow balls are replacing the conventional pointer of exquisite watches from the well known brand and designer manufacturer Laco. The light hollow balls are being driven by a magnet underneath the face of the watch. If the hollow balls leaves the correct position due to heavy shock or due to moving in purpose, it will snap back in the correct position immediately after release.

This extravagant wristwatch model is very popular to sophisticated clients.

Magnetic balls for hearing aids

HörgerätThere are about 80.000 deaf human beings world wide. Only a few years ago the surgery implanted permanent magnetic pieces into the brain to support the fixation of special equipment into the ears. The disadvantage of this technique appeared during magnetic resonance imaging investigation on the brain. The strong magnetic field forced the implanted magnetic parts with pressure to the brain, which could have caused damages.

An innovation and improvement are the new inner ear implants with magnetic balls. The magnetic balls are able to rotate in case of an external magnetic field, so pressure to the brain can be avoided and the brain won’t get any harm.